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 "For me, being a psychologist is an honor. I am passionate about what I do".

Milena Lhano: a brief biography

Milena has a degree in psychology, a postgraduate degree and a master's degree in couple and family therapy from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy.


During her career, she has specialized in expatriates, immigrants, digital nomads and all those who, for whatever reason, have moved to another country or are preparing to move.


Brazilians, Portuguese, Italians, couples, multicultural families and people of different nationalities and cultures are assisted through the look and understanding of the systemic approach, which understands people in a more complex and profound way, as parts of the systems in which they are inserted (family , relationships, work, etc.).


In 2012 she moved from São Paulo to Milan, where she lived until 2020, maintaining clinical care and specializing in systemic therapy.


She specializes in sexology and perinatal psychology, to understand and act more assertively in the different issues and phases of family and couple life.


Currently, Milena resides in the city of Enschede, in the Netherlands, with exclusive dedication to clinical psychology and constant improvement through congresses, specializations and postgraduate courses in the best schools of clinical psychology in Europe. She also performs clinical supervision and consultations in other languages, such as Italian and English.



Specialization in couple and family therapy – PUC/SP.

Degree in Psychology – São Marcos University – São Paulo.

Practicum: How to give voice to marginalized and immigrant families - Prof.: Maurizio Andolfi - Accademia di Psicoterapia della famiglia - Rome.

Specialization in Sexology – AISPA (Associazione Italiana Sessuologia Applied Psychology) – Milan.

Master in Couples Therapy – Università Cattolica di Sacro Cuore – Milan

Specialization in Perinatal Psychology – APL (Associazione Psicologia Lombardia – Varese) – Milan.







The use of the therapist's Self - Prof.: Maurizio Andolfi - Accademia di Psicoterapia della famiglia - Rome.

Specialization in Attachment Theory (Grazia Attili - Scuola Mara Selvini Palazzoli) – Milan.



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